CNC turned components in most materials

Machined Parts for wide range of Industries

CNC Turning 3mm to 250mm 6" - 10" Chucking
Hardinge collets 5C 16C 20C 25C CNC Drilling
CNC Turn Mill CNC knurling CNC Screw cutting
CNC Nuts threading CNC Barfeed turning 150 - 250 Chucking
Inconel threading MP35N turning Turning on centres
CNC turning is process used to produce round parts on a CNC Lathe (CNC turning machine).

CNC stands for Computerised Numerical control CNC.

CNC turning can be done from square, hexagon or round bars.

The most popular control system is Fanuc although there are many others available.

Driven (live) tools enhance the operation with cross drilling and tapping.

Live tools can also do advanced milling with C and Y Axis on a turning lathe.

CNC turning in most cases is programmed in G and M codes

Common X and Z Axis, with options of B, C and Y Axis which can become a CNC Mill Turn.

CNC machines can have a single spindle or more.

Multispindle machines are good for high volume production.

2 spindle machines are useful for doing second operation in a single setup.

CNC Turning Capacity

We have 23 CNC turning Centres

CNC Lathe

1 x Hardinge Conquest T42 - 51mm Collet. Programable tailstock.

CNC Lathe

4 x Hardinge Conquest C42 - 42mm Collet. Programable tailstock.

CNC Quest

1 x Hardinge Conquest T42 - Twin Spindle 42mm bar capacity. Programable tailstock.

Large diameter

3 x Hardinge Cobra 65 - 250mm Chuck and 65mm bar capacity. Programable tailstock. 500mm turning between centres.

Turn Mill

2 x Hardinge Elite 51 - 200mm Chuck and 51mm bar capacity. Programable tailstock.

CNC 16C Collet system

1 x Hardinge Conquest T42 - 42mm collet capacity. Long Bed.

4 x Hardinge Conquest T42 - 42mm collet capacity. Programable tailstock.

6 x Hardinge Conquest T42 - 42mm collet capacity. Programable tailstock, driven tooling.

Light power

1 x Hardinge Cobra 42 - 42mm collet capacity.

Hardinge Collets

A wide range of Hardinge Collets.